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I was Managing Director of Dancemakers, Toronto's second oldest contemporary dance company, from 1988-1998; and in the service of the company's artists, my beard has not only turned mostly white ... but I've also reached the second half-century of my life.

What happened before then? Well, I'll give you the abbreviated and cleaned-up version.

Born in early 1939 in Essen, Germany. Grew up without any major complexes - after 1952, in Canada - Montreal to be exact. McGill University - B.A. in Political Science and Economics, with minors in History and Philosophy - an education guaranteed to permit clear-headed and independent thinking, if not the amassing of lots of money.

My original career plan - Foreign Service - proved impossible at the time due to a "residence requirement", in addition to citizenship. So, having obtained my Officer's Commission while at McGill, I joined the Army in 1962 as a lieutenant - specifically, military intelligence (it seemed closest to my original goal).

Canada in those days was an exciting place to live in. We were finding our feet and our soul. Till then it had been a cultural wasteland, unambitious, lacking self-confidence, as behooved a loyal adjunct to the British Empire. But the Centennial changed much of that, thanks to Lester B. Pearson and later Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the only recent prime ministers with any vision of the country.

I managed to reach the exalted rank of lieutenant-colonel (sounds impressive doesn't it?) - well, it was the top 1% of the military! But, by my late thirties it was no longer enough. So, in 1978 I went out into the savage 'real world'.

My temperament wouldn't quite let me go as far as that, however. I went into the not-for-profit sector. In the mid-eighties, at the time of Brian Mulroney's quest for nuclear submarines, I was at the Canadian Centre for Arms Control, an Ottawa think-tank which helped sink (sorry...) that grandiose venture.

While all this was going on, I was captured by the beauty of contemporary dance - physical movement joined to music in largely unpredictable ways - and somehow ended up on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Dance Theatre, widely regarded as Canada's leading modern dance company. From there, the leap (slide...?) to arts management was only a question of time (at least, that's how it now seems in hindsight).

In 1998, on retiring from Dancemakers (where I'd been managing director for 10 years), I started Wolf/media Web Services, a web design and service company specializing in the arts, and struck out on my own (and semi-retirement). And that brings us more or less to the present day.

What else ... oh yes, classical music, jazz, literature, visual arts, film, computers, web design & video-editing! And I'm a proud and nationalistic Canadian, who abhors the modern day curse of neo-conservatism, a failed political ideology that refuses to die!

A taste of Victoria in May

As of late July 2005, I have abandoned the permanently polluted air of Toronto for the anticipation of the occasional earthquake on Vancouver Island, as close as one can get to paradise without leaving the country. (For another paradise-like location, see the Norfolk Island page.)

Victoria in winter...
[just in case you didn't recognize it]