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Norfolk Island 2000
15 minutes

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Canadian Weather
December 19th, 2008
11 minutes

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Cayman Islands Stingray Adventure 2008   10 minutes

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California's Rising Tides
June 2009
15 minutes

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U.S. Health Care in the News
October 26, 2009   11 minutes

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Victoria 1907
7 minutes - filmed on May 4, 1907 by Wm. H. Harbeck

Discovered in Australia and repatriated to Canada, this amazing short film shows the downtown area of Victoria, the Gorge Waterway, and the Inner Harbour. I added titles and a sound track to make the landmarks more easily identifiable and to give the film more life. You can find the whole story of the film at the Hallmark Society of Victoria BC website.

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The First Flight of the Arrow
7 1/2 minutes

The Tragedy of the Avro Arrow
February 20, 1959 (Black Friday)

On this day, fifty years ago, the Conservatives under John Diefenbaker killed the world's most advanced fighter interceptor, the only one capable of flying Mach 2 (about 2,500 km/h), the Canadian-designed and built Avro Arrow and the Iroquois jet engine, then the world's most powerful jet engine.

In doing that, they destroyed the Canadian aircraft industry for 25 years and also destroyed the livelihood of about 15,000 highly skilled Canadian workers and professionals at A.V. Roe and another 35,000 who worked in plants that supplied A.V. Roe. They did it because they had no vision of Canada, because they didn't believe in Canadian excellence, they preferred mediocrity then just as Conservatives do now.

Supersonic Sentinel
The Story of the Avro Arrow
23 minutes

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Stopping Speeders

The German Coast Guard

Hammer Tricks

The 1969 Moon Landing
8 minutes - from Normal 8 film stock

This 8 mm film is the only one I ever bought.

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Record of a Flying Visit
12 minutes - August 3-4, 2010

This little visit came after a month of travelling from San Diego to Toronto to Los Angeles to Saskatchewan to Vancouver.

Lots of partying and celebrating followed by recuperation, cutting the visit to Victoria to a short 19 1/2 hours (that's from arriving at Victoria's ferry terminal to leaving from the same terminal). That total included 8 hours of sleep time (9 hours for the youngest party goer).

So, essentially, this little film is mostly a record of two ferry crossings. :-)

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A Visit to Abkhazi Garden, Victoria
6 minutes - September 23, 2009

The most perfect one acre garden in Victoria. The property of the late Prince and Princess Abkhazi, the garden is now maintained by the volunteers of the Land Conservancy.

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An Attempt at Whale Watching
15 minutes - September 17, 2009

While visiting Tofino in September 2009, my sister and I went out in somewhat marginal weather to look for whales. It was not a total success. The video is a bit rough because the boat was small and there was about a 10 foot swell at times (even though it doesn't look it in the video). :-)

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A Visit to Tofino
12 minutes - September 16/18, 2009

This is a short record of the trip up to Tofino, with stops at Cathedral Grove, Port Alberni, and Ucluelet. The weather was warm and a bit drizzly and quite windy, but, all in all, very pleasant. There would have been more footage of the Tofino area, but unfortunately my camera didn't co-operate. :-(



Victoria's Inner Harbour,
July 23, 2009

13 minutes - from my Cybertec camcorder/camera/MP3 player

Pam, David and I decided that on this gorgeous July day we should explore Victoria's Inner Harbour. So, we left the car near the West Bay Marina in Esquimalt and walked back into town along the northern walk-way, stopping for lunch at Spinnakers Restaurant. We then took the Harbour Ferry back from in front of the Delta Hotel at the Blue Bridge.

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Deer at Casa Marcia
3 minutes - from my Cybertec camcorder/camera/MP3 player

A few deer visit me on April 18, 2009.

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A Sunday Night on Amblewood Mountain
12 minutes - from my Cybertec camcorder/camera/MP3 player

Wii bowling after dinner, summer 2009. The video was shot using only the overhead room lighting, so you'll see blurring during fast movement. It was also shot using different white balance and light settings, so you'll notice warmer or cooler colouring as well as some graininess (this is still part of my camera testing stage).
The sound level is a bit low in the embedded player. Clicking on the download link will give you a bigger image.

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