In July/August 2000, I visited Norfolk Island in the South Pacific.
Naturally I took too many photos (in the days before I had a digital camera).
This is a selection of the best of them.

Norfolk Island covers about 7.5 x 7.5 km (4 x 4 mi) and has about 1800 inhabitants
of whom about 1000 are descendants of the Bounty mutineers.
For more information about Norfolk Island, please take a look at the Norfolk Island page on my web pages.

To break the pictures up into manageable chunks, I've divided them approximately geographically
and put them into separate galleries.

1 - Mainland Australia: a bit of Sydney and a bit of the Hunter Valley wine region about 100 km north of Sydney - 24 photos
Gallery Link
3 - Norfolk Island - The Middle - Burnt Pine Township, Saint Barnabas Chapel, Point Ross and WindSong - 52 photos
Gallery Link
2 - Norfolk Island: North - Captain Cook Memorial and Mount Pitt, West - Anson Bay, East - Cascade Bay - 44 photos
Gallery Link
4 - Norfolk Island: South - Slaughter Bay and Emily Bay - 36 photos
Gallery Link

5 - Norfolk Island South: Views from Queen Elizabeth Lookout, and Kingston, Quality Row and Cemetery Bay - 75 photos
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Note the runways on the left [west] side of the picture
HMS Bounty off Norfolk Island

For more information about my interest in Norfolk Island, click here.